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#6 - Darkness - Nothingness by Typhonian-Apkallu #6 - Darkness - Nothingness by Typhonian-Apkallu

"That of which is under is what's above. The end is the beginning; the Void is thy entrance"

Deeper in the darkness, deeper in the shadow ocean, under the streams and currents of the Underworld rivers, of Lethes of forgetfulness and the swampy spook domain of rest (powerful version of the lotophages' island), of the flaming Phlegeton and the anemone-filled scalding domain of Life (a place of terror and joy), of Cocytus and shape shifting domain of Illusion (sand-filled carved ruins), and last of murky Styx and arid domain of Strife (scarce fossil-filled terrain), there lies the marble gates to the most powerful probation.

Tartarus, the inner rock in the conch of Chaos, the true sustenance of Helladeas (as opposed to the Omphalos in the surface), is actually a dark world, a heart of hidden elements pulsing at the hollow emptiness of the planet.
From there, no light escapes. All the senses are deceived. To 'see' one must not trust in vision. This paradoxical existence, denying reality and pushing the flexibility to extreme opens up niches to the daimones on which exist in there, feeding on Titans and Mortals alike, no matter how the will of their spirits pulse.

These dark caves are inhabited by those who did manage to pass the Stream's tests, but not their own. Some of those are mutated Telchines (mammal water-breathing beasts which resemble sea-lions, otters or other sea rodents/carnivores, but humanoid shaped) which lived aeons ago and differently of the Tritons received no support for the developing hegemonic powers and/or prominent view of objective (
objectifying) reason (conviction) and instead of science (modern institution-faith-belief system), developed extremely forbidden Dark Magick (practice of divination).

Among them there is the missing Vovin, psychopomp
us Charon. The son of Erevos the Primordial Vovin, he is somewhat aware of the Chthonian and will willingly lead him to the next step of journey.

If few comes to surpass the streams and reach the Tartarean Abyss, even less are capable of exiting from it. It self-envelops and poison, its nihilistic influence is as powerful as all the Streams mixed, and the so-believed individual comes to be food for the daimons which reside in this almost apart dimension. Then, the 'individual' pursues illusion, love, rest, reason and strife all the way believing to have conquered time, existence or anything like that, when actually it lives for the dead and for the immortal daimons, be them serving light or darkness. The chains of Tartarus are actually inner conflicts, a mind ashamed of its darkest dreams, a public figure unsure of its 'private' life, the cutting edge of the libertarian who replicates fascism in daily life, of the monk who fight his desires, of the god who act with tyranny and is power hunger, of all that escapes from the pan-optic view, and remain in meontic non-existence forever.

The Telchines themselves, causers of thousand crimes against 'life' and 'holiness', knows that life's sacredness is expressed on nothing being sacred, but subject to transformation, and its nature (understood as flexible and therefore 'unnatural') is but the expression of powers changing, shaping and self-destroying themselves. There are those who control (the daimones) and those controlled, "
slaves shall serve" and to escape this, they sought manners to control the hidden elements on which the Nine Deities have no control, elements which have entities on their own and once were one sole Black Diamond.

The search for ipseity, for the
timé of a deity is a tempting purpose, yet itself, like everything else, is deceiving. The Chthonian, yet not aware at all of Charon, understand his information. There were many others trying to tomb the tyranny of the Light God who shapes and hold reality, and they used tools such as the Tartarean Blade (Rasa-based weapon forged from a Vovin remnant) and the Dirae Lance (Panacea-based weapon forged from a Triton remnant) to hurt the Light God. By using it with Chthonian's own Scissor Staff (Orichalcum-based caduceus forged from the remnants of two distinct Tritons), they might be able to forge a Trident to complete Telchine theories and reach a point no one ever reached about struggling against the hegemonic God.

As Tartarus houses inner storms, it is of no exit. To advance, one must neglect reality and step in an outer (yet not less existing) dimension where the true face of past, future and memory converge. Dark nymphs, dark muses who knows there's no reality but conviction of hegemonic power, thrives on the time-space rifts which connects darkness (self-ascertained nihilism, emptiness as reason) and Chaos (self-uncertainty, fullness as
opposed to conviction) in self-generating and self-destroying rifts. But the Telchines, once uncertain of all but themselves, are too desperate for a result, and the Chthonian in his quest might have been able to give them a choice...

Charon -

Primordial Vovin -
(by Guiler-717)

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