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Heliopolis: Ptah, Toth and Horus by Typhonian-Apkallu Heliopolis: Ptah, Toth and Horus by Typhonian-Apkallu
A long time ago, there was a council of powerful beings, ambiguously ancient and reputedly immortal. This was called as 'Per Aa' (Great house) council, which brought forth structure to a great Civilization deemed to exist forever. As with the former Apkallu Council, it was disintegrated and the assisted Civilization ceased to be, absorbed by a secret conspiracy and a coup orchestrated by rather internationalist forces (first the Frashokeretian, briefly 'freed' by the Hellenic and then finally absorbed into Chronpuchian colony of Tredius, the Roman Empire).

Those are some of the forming members of such council: Ptah, Toth and Horus. Toth formed with his wife, Themisian Priestess Ma'at (whose bloodline leads out to Helladean off-world ancestors) a series of codes of conduct plus writing system to organize until then belic and/or moribund forces of a shattered Egypt. The manner of understanding the universe was quite complicated, so dominating words and memory through a writing code proposed a philosophical and inclusive approach on debating and placing names on the archetypes which could northerner a human existence without too much interference and friction between the major poles in the hermetic praxis: the inside and the outside.
From this was born the Ogdoad, a manner to describe the origin of the Universe in function of pairs and reciprocity. This fueled a companionship in the peoples of Egypt, who found it pleasing to work with and for the others. Toth is also one of the few beings in the galaxy to have a djinn form (known as Trismegistos), as result of having reached the kether crown in the Hermetic Kabbalh.

At the same time there was Ptah, already ruler of Hut-Ka-Ptah (Memphis), who was invited at some point to other civilizing council. He's reputed to have aided Imhotep building pyramids and serving as a great architect and nobleman. He was as well very touched with the social responsibility of the egyptians, but his views were more broader and he came to see 'humanity' as a manifestation of the Pan to hen (All is One), believing that there were mistakes on the takes of his and his colleagues on this 'gifted kind' through rather manipulative and outsider orders. He was also a pioneer and engineer.

Horus, however, believed himself to be in the right path of settling hierarchical power to assure harmony in the peoples and with their works. He sort of used the Egyptian disposition to work as a manner to perpetrate a culture based on truth and righteousness, taught by his masters long ago in belical activities. Born in war, this falcon-headed Chronpuchian (and one of the few who is winged) was very eager to resolve things through tactics and diplomacy. He was equated to yet another less recurring member of the Council, Ra. Through Horus there was also interference of the Mehen flux (Xnobius based stream of energy that is moved by Tredius own inner isostasy) upon Egyptian life and culture, which twisted few between peaceful and war-thorn times.

At first the council proposed a human culture to have other species inserted on it after the humans (egyptians) learn how to live with them first. But at some point, as with the Sumerian Civilization, non-human civilized species became a rare sight. All these members liv until this day, rather in secrecy and making solo studies which could usher a new era.
ShamanSpells Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Awesome drawings! :D
Typhonian-Apkallu Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks! I still have more Egypt-oriented stuff to post.
ShamanSpells Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014
Oh lovely! I'll keep my eye on the Egypt DA section then :D
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