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Telchine Warrior by Typhonian-Apkallu Telchine Warrior by Typhonian-Apkallu
The time is around 60 centuries before the day. Proteans, primitive tailed Tritons, way before they used Orichalcum and had even legs of hydrodynamic bearded fins, they were migrating to surface. They were the last hope for the upcoming civilization of anthropoids in front of the savage Satyrs and of the authoritarian Minotaurs or of the barbaric werewolves.

The very reason for the Protean outcome in the surface was beyond the transformation of the Hesperian to Pelasgean scenery. Way before the Three Laws were conceived and thus the Horae defined Helladeas as it is, before the Olympians claimed Omphalos of Delphi as their great mark, the pre-Triton rulers of the sea fought against deadly magicians, dark nihilistic sorcerors who knew nothing about society but as a tool, means of power.

Mammals were always victim to the streams in ways a bit higher than cold-blooded. But the Telchines not only were affected by it - they were immersed in the darkness of Tartarus, both in the all-evening reality of Hesperia and on seasonal Pelasgea. They forced the Protean migration, triggering and ushering their eventual contact with 'human' population and triggering the tale of the triple family. Actually, all these events were led in a way or another by Hydros, to contour the massive power his brother Zeus-Baal was inserting on his world and on all the solar system, for that matter.

Before reason and control could spring, he needed the reset of Pelasgea and the birth of Helladeas. But the Telchines never forgot, never lost the trials of history. They escaped both Zeus' lust for control and organizing order out of Chaos and also Hydros-Poseidon's own co-optation. They discovered that a pair of the Twelve Relics formed the Original Kerikeyion and how that Proteus was Poseidon, Oceanus and Hydros, all the Trident holder entity.

They still guard this day how they were an unparallel potential whose only ruin was a bit of solipsism... Even so, all those who remained of their ranks, during the fights against surface population and Tritons alike, would pursue the Sekhem Staffs, Caduceus (copying the original Kerikeyion) and would dream of one day, to forge a Trident. The day would come by the most unimaginable means.

In their way, however, these crafty sorcerers and portal-travellers creatures also mastered Panacea (a hidden element) control through the Dirae Lance. That made them find a powerful use for the carcasses which fell on Tartarus. The skeleton of numerous Cetaceans, plus of Dunkleosteus and other sea monstrosities, Leviathans, Illuyankas and Behemoths, were all bound to a master command, a single Telchine Warrior, "the Abyssal One", a giant-sized monster which held tight the past of this kind, when they were foul warriors, masters to sixty legions. This lost army is underground Tredius, in the infernal domain of Dis, heavily guarded by the Immortal Abyssal creature.
Now, they are just few and scattered, after many years of studying, plotting, creating craft and twisting allegiances. Whoever creates the Trident might be able to unleash such army and set the world once again into utter chaos.

References for work include Linear B symbol on the warriors' armor
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